ZHENG CHANG Mixers Provide You with Ultra-high Mixing Uniformity

ZHENG CHANG Mixers Provide You with Ultra-high Mixing Uniformity

Mixing is a way to realize the formula nutrition ratio in feed production: through a certain physical motion in a certain period of time, the solid and liquid raw materials put into the mixing cavity according to the formula are evenly distributed throughout the cavity. The mixing uniformity of feed directly affects whether the animal can obtain comprehensive and sufficient nutrients from feed. The key to ensure the mixing uniformity is to choose the right mixer, mixing period and feeding method.

With ultra-high mixing uniformity and smoother operation, ZHENG CHANG mixers has been widely used for materials with different characteristics, different specific gravity, different fineness, high humidity and strong adhesion like feed, premix, pigment, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food additives.

ZHENG CHANG SSHJ double-shaft mixer

ZHENG CHANG SSHJ Double-shaft Mixers ensure smooth operation and reduce power loss with double gearboxes. The unique return air system contributes to smooth air flow in the process of feeding. Many kinds of liquid and solid can be added at any time, with more accurate spraying, higher mixing speed and uniformity.

ZHENG CHANG SDHJ single-shaft blade mixer

It provides higher efficiency and lower noise. Adjustable blade design ensures long service life and low residue. Higher mixing uniformity (Cv≤2.5%) can be achieved for various liquids adding.

ZHENG CHANG SLHY ribbon-spiral mixer

Moderate mixing, high uniformity, short mixing time, fast discharging and low residue. The two-way spiral belt rotor made of quality alloy steel is equipped with a ring cleaning device. Several atomized nozzles can be equipped for liquid adding.

ZHENG CHANG molasses mixer

A special mixer is needed when the content of liquid feed molasses is greater than a certain proportion. High molasses content may cause poor dispersion and large power consumption due to the high viscosity. The paddle-type, high-speed and powerful molasses mixer can play a significant role at this time.

Compressed air atomized nozzles help to improve the effect of molasses atomization. Special angle of blade layout ensures the mixing time and the uniformity. Two large doors facilitate inner wall cleaning and blade adjusting.

ZHENG CHANG blade type vacuum coating mixer

Vacuum coating system is mainly used for the extruded and pelleted particle feed to spray a large proportion of liquid raw materials such as fat and fat-soluble vitamins.

Special shaft-end seal and reliable vacuum airtight performance. Multi-path sprayers make good atomization effect. Stainless steel is used for parts exposed to raw materials, to ensure the stability of pellets. More accurate and smoother coating effect. The adding amount of liquid can greatly increase. The unique rotor and discharge door design reduce the crumbling rate of pellets.

ZHENG CHANG is committed to providing first-class feed equipment and systematic solutions for global customers, creating differentiated competitive advantage for the customers with state-of-the-art equipment and excellent quality control and making greater contribution to the sustainable development of global feed industry.