New Pet Food Project Was Officially Completed

New Pet Food Project Was Officially Completed

Recently, the Ecuador 2T/H pet food production line, which was undertaken by ZhengChang, was officially completed and put into production.

In the face of increasing market competition, the customer planed to build a new extruded feed production line for pet food or aquatic feed. Based on the previous excellent cooperation for the 5T/H livestock and poultry feed line, ZhengChang stood out from a number of competitors and reached cooperation with the customer again.

Before the project started, we provided the customer with a comprehensive design program from the overall planning, layout design, process design, equipment personalization, installation and commissioning, electrical control, to production technology, etc.

Feed Extruder

Scientific structure, balance operation. High production capacity, low energy consumption and long service life.

Vertical Micro-pulverizer

Reach perfect balance between fineness and production. It is suitable for the micro-pulverization of pet food, extruded fish feed, prawn feed, eel feed, turtle feed and raw materials for small animals in large and medium-sized feed factory.

Drum Type Liquid Coater

The spray liquid is fine and in full contact with the pellet surface with high uniformity. Special sealing, no dust and oil leakage, ensure the environment clean and tidy.

Automatic and intelligent production line, stable and easy operation.

For the various problems during the commissioning phase, our engineers timely took appropriate measures to optimize the entire process system, ensuring stable, safe and efficient feed production.