Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial services include a range of activities and specialized consultations that assist businesses in their export and import processes.

Sama Gostar Kohan Company, with its professional and specialized team, provides various commercial services in the shortest possible time. These services include consultation on transportation and logistics, customs and clearance procedures, international payments, international contracts, and international marketing, particularly in the establishment of protein and pharmaceutical production chains. The primary goal of these services is to facilitate and optimize trade processes and reduce risks and costs for clients.

Process Acceleration: Sama Gostar Kohan Company, adopting its knowledge and experience, can expedite commercial processes and prevent potential delays.

Cost and Risk Management: This company can reduce costs and minimize trade-related risks.

Provision of Specialized Consultations: Professional consultations in various areas of international trade help clients make the best decisions.

Achieving Desired Quality: Providing professional and high-quality services to access to required resources and goods with desirable standards.

Commercial Transfers: Negotiating and corresponding with trade partners and placing import orders.

International Payments: Guiding on choosing appropriate payment methods and managing financial transactions.

Logistics and Warehousing Services: Managing the flow of goods and providing warehousing services at the origin and destination.

Assistance with Obtaining Necessary Import Licenses.

Providing Insurance Services: Protecting goods against risks and conducting necessary inspections.