Zheng Chang’s New Generation Equipment

Exceptional high-efficiency gear pellet mill

SZLH series

  • 25-45  tph
  • Increase production capacity by 10-15%
  • The best choice for enterprises in the era of high production capacity

Twin-Screw Extruder

SPHS Series

Formula management, one-key startup, load control, precise addition of water vapor, production information recording

 Vertical Micro-pulverizer

SWFL Series

The above production data are the data corresponding to the power of the main engine, and the crushing sieve ≤Φ 1.5mm, which corresponds to the data of the raw material formula.

Vertical Vacuum Spraying Machine 

SZPL Series

  • Optional Powder Spray System
  • Optional CIP (Clean In Place)

Horizontal Dryer

SHWZ Series

Designed to satisfy your demanding requirements for the quality of aquatic feed products/pet food.

  • Single cycle fan, energy saving
  • Fully enclosed structure ensures hygiene demand
  • Professional insulation design for reducing heat loss
  • Stepless frequency distributor, the distribution is more even
  • Moisture uniformity can reach +_0.5%, and the steam consumption is as low as 170kg/ton feed
  • Online moisture monitoring system (Optional)