Pellet Mill

The series
Main Power (KW)
Capacity (t/h)

The pellet mill with the highest production capacity of 55-100 tons per hour.

High mature level with improved quenching system, equips feed quality optimization system achieves high capacity, and good pelleting result
Can produce both feed particles and health powder feed. Adopted split driving wheel, air shaft and inner diameter can be changed by replacing fewer parts.
Main drive bearing adopted temperature monitoring system to guarantee the equipment running safely.
Optimize the ratio between ring die and roller, which increase the speed, improve production efficiency and reduce the power consumption.
Roller Automatic Adjusting System can realize gap adjustment without stop-working, improve work efficiency and production efficiency.
Oil Circulation Cooling Lubricating System improves cooling and lubricating effect of the key shaft in the main driving system to make sure the equipment work stably in a long time.
The whole equipment realize automatic control of water, steam, electricity and temperature.


Higher speed and stronger conditioner
Extended stainless steel conditioner with better design of conditioner blade and speed, which makes the materials cooked fully.

Up to more than 10 years of service life
The box adopts American special casting technology and the standard parts are all imported.

20% higher production efficiency
Adopted American and European gear type drive system, higher transmission efficiency.

Full range of after-sales
Fast and thoughtful on-site service; prompt quality replacement of wearing parts.
More professional models to support the sustainable development for customers
Relying on several decades of professional pellet mill production technology, Zhengchang has developed dozens of professional pellet mills for poultry, aquatic, forage, and so on for users’ choices.

Higher feed quality.
Feed produced by Zhengchang’s new type pellet mill has good appearance and same length, cleaner and healthier.
High-precision gear drive, imported SKG or NSK bearing, 20% higher efficiency. Optional double-shaft differential conditioning system to produce high-grade pig feed or fish feed Adjustable air conditioning system Optional double jacket conditioning system to produce high-grade pig feed or fish feed Can be equipped with three cutting knife system


The equipment is adopt to organic compound fertilizer production, based on main material as chicken manure, cow, cattle and sheep manure etc. With ZHENGCHANG special designed procession fermentation, drying, crushing, mixing and pelleting, it can supply you high-quality fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer has the following advantages: no foul smell, no pollution, easy for transportation and storage, beneficial to the absorption of plants.