The series
Effective Capacity (m3)
0.2 - 12
Capacity Per Batch(kg)
100 - 6000
Mixing Time Per Batch(s)
Mixing Evenness (CV%≤)
Power (KW)
3 - 90

The new type mixer adopted Norway Forberg technology, CV<5%, can reach 2.3% mixing evenness in 30 seconds, greatly improves the value of the mixer.

  • The special design of double reducer ensures efficient power transmission, and save energy.
  • The improvement on door shaft and the connecting rod ensures the door opening angle bigger than 90° (feed does not fall on the door).
  • The improvement on the discharge door structure increases the sealing surface which ensures better sealing without leakage.
  • The unique design of the return air system ensures steady air flow during the feeding process.
  • Advanced adding and spraying system can add a variety of liquid and spray with accuracy and convenient control.
  • Faster discharging, less residual; adopted Forberg technology, more durable;
  • Double speed reducer with belt drive, transmits smoothly, can save 20% power than chain transmission.
  • Low wearing of the belt, easy to maintain and repair.
  • Materials are mixed in zero gravity, and not affected by material particle size, density or other factors.
  • It has high mixing uniformity, short mixing time, no dead corner. Each batch will be mixed evenly in 30-120 seconds.
  • The feed discharge adopted full length door structure, which discharges quickly, low residue.
  • It has wider range of loading capacity. There are oil adding pipelines in the machine, which can take a variety of liquid.
  • The machine structure is compact with good shape and covers an area of space less than other mixing equipment.