The series
4 - 90
Drying Speed (%/h)
Environmental temperature≥0℃by 0.6%-1.0%, Environmental temperature≤0℃by 0.6%-0.7%
Power (kw)
9 - 25

Suitable for drying of seeds of rice, wheat, rapeseed, cotton seed, corn, sorghum, soybeans, sunflower and so on. Customization service can be provided, the heat source can be selected according to customer needs. It has service life of more than 15 years.

Main Features
It adopts mixed-flow drying methods recommended by drying experts, which has high thermal efficiency, low unit energy consumption, high productivity; The mixed flow drying discharges water slowly and evenly, which reduces thermal damage, has low crack rate (waist broken rate), and better grain quality; The grain discharge device uses slide valve structure, has no damage to the material and can be adjusted according to grain yield and water speed, which means it can adjust the drying speed according to the seed grain or food requirements. It uses corrosion resistant alloy material (stainless aluminum, stainless steel, hot galvanized plate) and has good resistance to rust, weariness, and corrosion. Its appearance is beautiful and has long service life.