Bolted silo

With advanced technology and rich experience, our company can make all series bolted silos with diameter ranging from 3.65 to 32m and maximum capacity of 150,000 ton/pc. Our bolted silo engineering has been exported to many countries including Peru, Indonesia, Philipin, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,Vietnam,Korea,Sudan, Iran, etc.

Characteristics of Bolted Silo:

  • High precision
  • International advanced equipment and technology guarantees great accuracy.

  • High automation
  • Highly automatic and mechanic, highly efficient, labor-saving.

  • Wide application
  • Wide application for single silo above 15,000 ton, complete function, meet requirement of various customers.

  • Easy maintenance
  • The standard, interchangeable and universal galvanized steel plates and accessories feature convenient maintenance, easy upgrading of capacity or silo move.

  • Less investment
  • 30-50% less costs over steel bar concrete silos, greatly saving investment.