The Grand New CP Project

Recently, the 360,000-ton high-grade livestock and poultry feed production line(Phase II) of CHIA TAI CONTI GROUP in Yangjiang, which was undertaken by ZHENG CHANG, has been officially completed.



CHIA TAI CONTI GROUP is a large-scale comprehensive agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise with international advanced level, which is jointly established by CP Group and Continental Grain Company. As the first foreign-invested enterprise in China, it was established in Shenzhen in 1981. The motive for building a large-scale feed production base in Yangjiang is to radiate the rich and developed areas of Maoming, Zhanjiang, Guangxi and Hainan, thus consolidating its competitive advantage in the market.

Of course, this is not easy, since there are many well-known feed enterprises at home and abroad. The overall market production capacity, product quality and brand effect are at a high level, which poses a very high challenge for CHIA TAI CONTI GROUP. Therefore, it has put forward higher requirements for the output and equipment quality of the feed plant.


In the early stage of the project, ZHENG CHANG appointed a large number of first-class installation and construction engineers, and made full communication with CHIA TAI CONTI GROUP for many times. In terms of equipment installation and project layout, with the professional quality and unremitting efforts, ZHENG CHANG team successfully completed the feed project with an annual output of 360,000 tons within only 5.5 months.



The high quality of this feed production line is not only reflected in the exquisite design layout and installation techniques, but in the high quality and efficiency of ZhengChang’s equipment. Now learn more details about the project!


Advanced processing technology and equipment, more choices and greater capacity

It uses crushing-mixing processing technology. The crushing section uses 4 SFSP112*60F champion hammer mills, and the main machines of the batching section use 3 SSHJ5s double-shaft mixers. Equipped with 48 batching bins so that our customer may have more batching options. In addition, premix bin and batching scale are equipped, which can add premix and additives more accurately, mix them more accurately, reduce unnecessary loss and greatly increase production capacity.



Many production lines to meet diversified needs

There are 7 production lines in total, including 5 pelleting lines, 1 expanding line and 1 corn extruding line. For the production varieties, there are 2 crushed poultry feed lines, 4 pig feed lines and 1 extruded corn line. They can fully meet the diversified production needs.


Piglet feed expander


Use high-quality equipment to increase the production capacity

All the main machines use automatic control such as SPZL338 expander, SPHG5000c extruder. The packaging section of finished products uses SDBY-P(s) double-bucket packing scale. It also includes liquid adding and steam system. They are all high-quality products that can ensure the increasing of production capacity.



Intelligent automatic control system, more convenient and more efficient

The project uses automatic control including automatic batching, warehousing, pelleting, packaging, to greatly reduce the labor cost and make the whole plant production data clear, which is beneficial to data management and strategy adjustment.