Advantages of ZHENG CHANG’s Pellet Mills

ZHENG CHANG pellet mills have been sold over 9000 units, 65% of Chinese feed manufacturers and 6800 global feed companies are using ZHENG CHANG equipment now with efficiency increased by 15%.


Quality improving

Based on the acquisition of the granulating factory in China invested by CPM U.S. in 1998, ZHENG CHANG pellet mill has made greater breakthroughs not only in appearance but in function, material, heat treatment and service life of wearing parts, and it has more reliable expanding effect.


Stable and reliable

Domestic and foreign companies which are using ZHENG CHANG double 420 feed production lines can reach more than 26,000 hours of trouble-free operation, creating continuous profits.


Output increasing

Our pellet mill has been upgraded but without price increasing. More breakthroughs in output and better quality.

SZLH 1208 Livestock and Poultry Feed Pellet Mill


The largest output(55-75t/h) pellet mill in China. Bearing temperature measuring device can monitor the temperature of key bearing in real time and judge the early failure of the bearing by temperature, to ensure the safe and efficient operation. External oil cooling lubricating system can circularly cool the temperature of oil and key bearing, and lubricate the key bearing simultaneously. Automatic oil lubrication system can realize non-stop oil adding regularly, reducing the workload of operators and making the equipment more reliable.


The electric ring die lifting device can improve the assembly efficiency of the ring die and roller, and reduce the labor intensity. The electric cutting adjusting mechanism can improve the accuracy of clearance adjustment by operation screen.