How ZHENG CHANG Contributes to Sustainable Development

How ZHENG CHANG Contributes to Sustainable Development

Although high temperature is normal in summer, the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide emission is also an important reason why many temperate regions has recently become as hot as the tropics. Nevertheless, this is only one side of the global environmental problem.

In recent years, energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development have attracted considerable attention from all walks of life around the world. Faced with a series of environmental challenges such as air pollution, water waste and climate warming, sustainable manufacturing has become the new DNA of many manufacturing enterprises.

As the world’s leading livestock and poultry feed, aquatic feed , biomass feed equipment, storage equipment and complete system solution provider, ZHENG CHANG Group has been committed to sustainable development, optimizing the use of materials, energy, water and land to promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

In 2018, the global renewable energy utilization rate of ZHENG CHANG Group reached 16.3%, and the waste reuse rate reached 37.8%.

Let us check out several stories about the sustainable development of ZHENG CHANG Group:

Continuously improve its own “Manufacturing Footprint”

In ZHENG CHANG Group, we advocate responsible manufacturing, and will take environmental considerations throughout all aspects of production and manufacturing. In factories, we pay attention to energy saving and emission reduction, water saving and waste reduction, to minimize the impact on the environment. As a large equipment manufacturer, several parts of ZHENG CHANG Group’s manufacturing are energy-intensive. However, we are still trying to find innovative energy solutions to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Water Saving

Water is the source of life. In terms of water resource protection, ZHENG CHANG Group not only recognizes that water shortage will have a profound effect on the economy, society and environment, but has been actively taking measures to reduce its own water consumption in production and manufacturing process.

In our plant, paint spraying process usually requires a large amount of water. Therefore, we have introduced sewage treatment equipment for recycling, which greatly reduces the demand for water.

Emission Reduction

The senior technical team of ZHENG CHANG Group uses phosphorus-free passivation technology in surface treatment of components, which not only improves the safety of the process, but also reduces the emission of harmful waste and air pollutants.

Professional R&D team helps customers to save energy and reduce emissions, and build “green” projects for global customers.

ZHENG CHANG Group has been committed to promoting sustainable development and protecting the world environment. On the one hand, by constantly improving our own “Manufacturing Footprint” to reduce the impact on the environment. On the other hand, through technological innovation and the provision of sustainable equipment and solutions, to help customers achieve sustainable development goals. All over the world, we can see the achievements of ZHENG CHANG Group in helping customers achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

CP Feed Factory is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. With the stringent local environmental protection requirements, in order to use emission standards better than the relevant requirements, our engineering program group and intelligent R&D team jointly developed a control management system, which not only passed the local environmental protection requirements smoothly, but also saved the cost for customers in the later operation.

Efficient product innovation promotes the energy-saving needs of every project. With the appearance of ZhengChang’s new generation of hammer mill (66,120), our stable, reliable, efficient and energy-saving products will not only bring new experience to many customers, but also make more steady progress in helping to build green energy-saving projects.