We are honor to introduce our company with more than ten years remarkable experience as exclusive representative of reliable Local and European companies, which supply food Ingredients and equipment to cover Iran Food Market demands.

Nutrex company Manufacturer of ingredients for Bakery and types of flour from Belguim:

  • Flour ,Bread and cake Improvers
  • Emulsifiers (datem, mono & do glyceride, SSL
  • Enzymes (Hemicellulase, Lipase, Protease, Glucose oxidase, and Amylase)
  • Vitamins ( Ascorbic Asid)

Bakon Food Equipment designer and manufactures of bakery and confectionery equipment from Holland :

  • Spraying systems
  • Movable and fix Depositors
  • Ultrasonic cutting systems
  • Chocolate Enrobers

Magnolia knowledge-based Flavour & Fragrance company from Iran :

  • Natural colour for food industry
  • Natural Flavor for food industry
  • Types of Chicken Seasoning
  • Types of Fish Seasoning