Feed machinery

Sama Gostar Kohan Technical Engineering Company, in cooperation with China Zheng Chang Co., which is the largest manufacturer of feed machinery, is active in the fields of livestock and poultry feed machinery and aquatic feed machinery. Sama Gostar Kohan Company has been proud to cooperate with its dear customers in the field of food machines for many years.

Feed machines

Feed machines are machines that, in a not-so-complex process, produce livestock, poultry, and aquatic feed with different formulas. Today, with the advancement of science and the mechanization of industry, the production of livestock and poultry feed has also been drawn in this direction. Sama Gostar Kohan Co. is proud to offer a variety of livestock, poultry and aquatic feed machinery products on behalf of Zheng Chang Company.

Livestock, poultry and aquaculture feed machines

To produce feed for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals, machines are needed that produce quickly, healthily and economically. To produce livestock and poultry feed, depending on the type of feed, equipment is needed that Sama Gostar Kohan Company meets this need. With the construction of various machines for livestock and poultry feed, such as: pellet mill, mixer, liquid addition equipment, hammer mill, special coolers, crumblers, sieves and other types of equipment for livestock feed factories and various machines for aquatic feed such as: Aquatic feed extruder, oil vacuum spray machine, dryers, aquatic extruder, mills, shrimp pellet machine and other types of aquatic feed production equipment, the work has become easier for feed producers.

Zheng Chang Company

Zheng Chang Company was established in 1918 in China as one of the largest manufacturers of feed machines and executive contractors of full line closed key projects. At present, the company has more than 1500 employees, 20 branches and 30 service offices in other countries in this industry. Zheng Chang Company, using the latest technology in the world and producing advanced equipment of livestock, poultry and aquaculture feed production line, more than 9000 pellets to 65% of animal feed manufacturers in China and more than 3000 closed-loop projects in the fields of Livestock and poultry feed, aquaculture, pig feed, premix, concentrate, feed production from hops, fertilizer line, storage silos, sawdust pellets and waste recycling equipment has been provided to its customers all over the world. Zheng Chang Company offers its services in the field of design and production of equipment and machinery, construction of steel structures, storage silos, drying system, civil engineering, equipment installation, automatic control system and customer training as a support. And the guide has been with his customers. The company has gained valuable experience over 100 years of experience, has succeeded in solving various problems and issues and providing comprehensive solutions to its customers in the feed machinery industry. At present, the company continues its activities in an advanced way by using an experienced team and using advanced technology in the field of food, fodder, environmental protection, fertilizers, etc. Sama Gostar Kohan is the exclusive representative of Zheng Chang Company. The company with more than a decade of experience is providing customer service. At present, this company has presented more than 20 feed production line projects in Iran.